Introducing The First Double-Size Hot Tea Bag


Standard tea bags brew a mere 6 to 8 oz. of tea.  With BIG TEA bags, you can add up to 16 oz. of water and still get a full bodied, delicious serving of tea. 


BIG TEA Iced Tea now available for foodservice auto brewers.  Three varieties- Majestic Black, Everglades Green with Citrus and Coastal Raspberry herbal, all yield a generous 3 gallons of fresh brewed iced tea.


BIG TEA for Seriously Bold Tea Drinkers


BIG TEA is specially made for those who require a big beverage to help them conquer their day.  With twice the tea volume as standard tea, your customers will enjoy a full-flavored tea when they add up to two cups of hot water – that’s twice the size of a typical tea offering and double the satisfaction.  Our full line of robust black, genteel green, exotic chai and naturally caffeine-free herbal teas, along with our specially flavored blends satisfies every time

BIG TEA - Big Menu Profits

At pennies per serving, hot tea offers a profit margin north of 85% depending on menu price.  We offer six of the most popular hot tea flavors that your customers are craving.  And since every BIG TEA bag yields up to 16 oz. per serving, your customers will enjoy a full flavored tea they can’t get anywhere else.


BIG TEA Big Trees


Proceeds from every box of BIG TEA sold help fund the efforts of our National Forest Foundation.  Each box features breathtaking photography, forest highlights and information about how you and your customers can further support this initiative.